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Hawk multi-functional block machine is designed to meet the mass and stable production of a variety of blocks by changing the different molds. This contains the production of bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, kerbstones etc. With humanized designed aviation plugs for connection and automatic control system, the machine is extremely easy to use for everybody Learn about our concrete block making machine.

Hawk provide precise dosing and mixing plant which gives accuracy recipe for concrete. Automatic dosing and mixing plant can also save labor cost. Learn about our Doing and mixing plant.

Selected by more than 95% customers, with success experiences for more than 1000 plants in more than 60 countries. Basic block making plant is the typical way to build a factory, with all standard parts. Learn about our Basic block making plants.

Hawk mobile plant is designed as a whole block making plant running on trailer, based on stationary plant, it has both advantages of mobile machine and stationary machine. Which requires less land, less labors, no foundation and can easily move to another site. Learn about our Mobile block making plants.

Hawk K series block machine is specially designed according to the european standard. Heavy-duty steel structure with antifatigue treatment; Imported Germany vibration motor; Full-customized Yuken hydraulic system; LS Master K series PLC control. All make K series unique and amazing. Learn about our K series fully automatic plants.

Standard products or tailor made? As you wish. Learn more about Hawk stone mould

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Your Complete "Block Making Factory" One Stop Solution.

Congratulation on deciding to start you block making factory. With rapid growth of the construction industry all of the world, concrete masonry units, such as pavers, hollow blocks, curbstones, slabs, retaining walls and etc. are becoming popular. It is structural stable, durable, sound and thermal insulation, weathering resistance and easy to maintain.

Traditional clay bricks will destroy the land and generate SO2 during the drying process. It’s not environment-friendly.

Thus, you need a proper machine to do this job.

祝贺你决定开办你的制造厂。 随着世界各地建筑业的快速发展, 混凝土砖, 如路面砖、空心砌块、标准砖、路沿石、挡土墙等, 正在逐渐普及,混凝土砖结构稳定, 耐用, 隔音隔热, 耐候性强, 易于维护。

传统的粘土砖会破坏土地, 在干燥过程中产生二氧化硫,破坏环境。

因此, 你需要一台合适的机器来完成这项工作。

Finding the machine to produce blocks…

The mass production of various kinds of concrete masonry units is done by a multi-functional block making machine. This machine is versatile, different blocks can be produced only by changing the mold on it.

To meet different requirement on factory automation, there are also different solutions for easily deciding your factory plan...

多功能砌块成型机是一台多功能的设备,可以进行各种混凝土砖的大规模生产, 不同的产品只需要通过更换模具进行生产。

为了满足工厂自动化的不同要求, 我们更有不同的解决方案来帮助你轻松决定你的建厂方案

Basic Block Making Plant
Basic Block Making Plant 简易生产线

Standard design plant with different models, it's the easiest way to erect a block factory.
标准的生产线设计,不同的型号,最简单的建厂方案 more details 更多

Block Factory on Wheel
Block Factory on Wheel 移动工厂

A whole block factory running on trailer with highly customize and highly flexible. Requires less, gives more.
高度定制,极其灵活,这是一个车轮上的工厂,需求更少,产出更多。 more details 更多

Spare parts
K Series Fully Automatic Plant K系列全自动生产线

European standard design with Chinese engineering cost, your best cost performance choice for high end fully automatic factory. A to Z.
欧洲标准,中国制造,高质量全自动生产线的最佳解决方案 more details 更多

Hawk Worldwide 浩克世界
Assist you around the world 在世界各处协助你

To give better information and service, specialized consultancy and service in local conditions are provided by Hawk
为了在当地条件下提供更好的信息和服务, 浩克提供当地专门的咨询和服务 All locations at a glance 浏览所有位置

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