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Hawk multi-functional block machine is designed to meet the mass and stable production of a variety of blocks by changing the different molds. This contains the production of bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, kerbstones etc. With humanized designed aviation plugs for connection and automatic control system, the machine is extremely easy to use for everybody Learn about our concrete block making machine.

Hawk provide precise dosing and mixing plant which gives accuracy recipe for concrete. Automatic dosing and mixing plant can also save labor cost. Learn about our Doing and mixing plant.

Selected by more than 95% customers, with success experiences for more than 1000 plants in more than 60 countries. Basic block making plant is the typical way to build a factory, with all standard parts. Learn about our Basic block making plants.

Hawk mobile plant is designed as a whole block making plant running on trailer, based on stationary plant, it has both advantages of mobile machine and stationary machine. Which requires less land, less labors, no foundation and can easily move to another site. Learn about our Mobile block making plants.

Hawk K series block machine is specially designed according to the european standard. Heavy-duty steel structure with antifatigue treatment; Imported Germany vibration motor; Full-customized Yuken hydraulic system; LS Master K series PLC control. All make K series unique and amazing. Learn about our K series fully automatic plants.

Standard products or tailor made? As you wish. Learn more about Hawk stone mould

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K series

Premium quality with
China engineering cost

 European standard, premium quality with K series.

Hawk K series block machine is specially designed according to the european standard. Heavy-duty steel structure with antifatigue treatment; Imported Germany vibration motor; Full-customized Yuken hydraulic system; LS Master K series PLC control. All make K series unique and amazing.

European standard design with Chinese engineering cost, your best cost performance choice for high stand fully automatic production line. A to Z.

  • No welding, assembled fully with nut and bolt system
  • huge production capacity
  • more than 15 years' life-span
  • low tolerance
  • user friendly
Technical data/capacities:

Aggregate silos/dosing line

Quality right from the start – that is our philosophy. The use of high-end and well-thought-out dosing systems guarantee an optimum and efficient supply of aggregates (such as sand, cement, water, gravel, additives) to the concrete mixers.

The tried and tested Hawk mixing plant concepts guarantee consistent and high-quality mixing results. One mixer for the face mix concrete and one mixer for the back mix concrete are required. "Face mix" means the visible surface of the slab-to-be, and "back mix" stands for the load-bearing invisible part of the slab.

Slab press

The concrete slab production process is based on the compaction of concrete by means of hydraulic pressing. In this procedure, two concrete layers are filled into the Hawk slab press successively and compacted in a mould. The result is a two-layer slab.

The advantage of this method is that it gives concrete slab manufacturers great creative freedom. The visual appearance and structure of the visible slab face can - independent of the back mix layer - freely be varied.

Take-off device

The take-off device serves as link between the slab press UNI 2000 and the pallet transport plant. The fresh slabs are taken off the press by means of vacuum and/or grab devices and gently given over to carrying pallets that are provided by the pallet transport plant.

Pallet transport plant

The Hawk pallet transport plant ensures that the fresh slabs are transported from the press UNI 2000 to the stacking device gently and without loss of quality. For the transport, self-stacking steel pallets are used.

As soon as a slab has been placed on the steel pallet, this is transported to the stacking device. Here, several steel pallets are compiled to a pallet stack. When the pre-defined stack height has been reached, the first pallet stack is moved forward and a second stack is piled up. Two pallet stacks together are then taken over by the pallet stack transfer device and transported into the hardening chambers.

Pallet stack transfer device

The stack transfer device consists of a lower car running on rails and an upper car with lifting device. When the stack transfer device has reached its exact position in front of the respective hardening chamber, the upper car moves the pallets into the selected chamber vibration-free. The storage pattern and the required drying period of the products depend on the chosen recipe.

When the hardening process is completed, the pallet stacks with the hardened products are again taken over by the stack transfer device and transported to the de-stacking device.

Hardening chamber

The hardening chamber is equipped with storage racks for the pallet stacks and sub-divided into single or double chambers. The complete system should be encased, and there should be roller shutters in front of the chambers.

To optimize the hardening process, different systems can be used:

  • Air circulation systems
  • Heating and steam systems

De-stacking device and return transport

The de-stacking device takes over the pallet stacks with the hardened slabs. The pallets are de-stacked so that the slabs can be taken off by a take-off device for further processing or packaging.

The empty steel pallets are then cleaned and oiled. After that, they are returned to the production cycle again.

Slab take-off carrier and transport system

The slab take-off carrier takes the hardened slabs and gives them over to a transport system which either gives the slabs over to a packaging plant directly or transports them to additional processing and refining stations for further enhancement.

The following refinements are possible:

  • Calibrating
  • Grinding
  • Chamfering
  • Shot-blasting
  • Curling
  • Impregnating
  • Coating


A high-quality concrete slab requires sensitive handling. Hawk offer complete and flexible packaging systems. These solutions comprise vertical and horizontal packaging systems that ensure that the surfaces and edges of the slabs are protected from damages during transport.

A cuber compiles several slabs to a package and gives this over to a package transport device. Transport pallets and packaging systems can be designed individually.

Package transport

The arranged slab packages are placed on transport pallets.

Hawk can integrate various packaging systems into the area of the package transport that will safeguard the finished products. For a later identification, the products can be marked by means of labelling systems.

Individual solutions are of course possible, please talk to us!

Slab refinement

A Hawk concrete slab making plant with additional equipment for slab refinement is the base for the manufacture of a wide range of products. This enables the slab manufacturer to react to market requirements with special patterns, designs, and product lines – or create new trends with own ideas.

The following refinements are possible:

  • Calibrating
  • Grinding
  • Chamfering
  • Washing
  • Shot-blasting
  • Curling
  • Impregnating
  • Coating