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Hawk multi-functional block machine is designed to meet the mass and stable production of a variety of blocks by changing the different molds. This contains the production of bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, kerbstones etc. With humanized designed aviation plugs for connection and automatic control system, the machine is extremely easy to use for everybody Learn about our concrete block making machine.

Hawk provide precise dosing and mixing plant which gives accuracy recipe for concrete. Automatic dosing and mixing plant can also save labor cost. Learn about our Doing and mixing plant.

Selected by more than 95% customers, with success experiences for more than 1000 plants in more than 60 countries. Basic block making plant is the typical way to build a factory, with all standard parts. Learn about our Basic block making plants.

Hawk mobile plant is designed as a whole block making plant running on trailer, based on stationary plant, it has both advantages of mobile machine and stationary machine. Which requires less land, less labors, no foundation and can easily move to another site. Learn about our Mobile block making plants.

Hawk K series block machine is specially designed according to the european standard. Heavy-duty steel structure with antifatigue treatment; Imported Germany vibration motor; Full-customized Yuken hydraulic system; LS Master K series PLC control. All make K series unique and amazing. Learn about our K series fully automatic plants.

Standard products or tailor made? As you wish. Learn more about Hawk stone mould

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About testing compression of concrete products 关于压力测试

The testing machine can perform compression test of rock, stone, concrete, steel cube, or other materials.
Rigid four-column load frame bear capacity 2000kN in space-saving compact design.
It can carry out load closed loop control method, high accuracy, and high reliability.
The compression platens diameter is more than 300mm, upper pressure platen ball seated, the platens hardened and ground: hardness min. HRC55.     
The test could completely comply with standard ASTM D2938-95, ASTM D3148-93, ASTM E4, ISO7500-1, and ASTM C170. 
Software Power test is easy to operate, all testing data process and administration is under database, it’s very convenient to read and save data in Access and Excel, customer could define and edit the report by such software. Compression strength, E-Module(E), Peak force, or other results can be measured and calculated automatically by software with necessary accessories, which can display force—time graph, or force—extension graph, and more combinations.
DCS-300 full digital closed loop control system for the functions of measuring, controlling, monitoring and evaluating of building material testing machine. Maximum load measurement resolution is 1/300000 of capacity. The connect way is by the USB interface to transmit test data among the controller, load frame and the PC with test software.
The complete set of compressing testing library that you need:
For determining the compressive strength of brick, stone, cement.it is main specified of Building, highway and Building Material industry. It is easy operating and test digital can automatic print, also can connect with computer

For mixing cement and water to prepare homogeneous paste for the determination of the normal consistency and making specimen,

3.         SIEVE SHAKER
For sifting sand and stone particle materials

4.         CURING BOX
For automatically carry on the curing process for concrete unit, automatically temperature control.


6.         GRAVEL SEINES

 7.        Slump cone; Slump cone funnel; tamper bar; concrete slump measurement.