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Hawk multi-functional block machine is designed to meet the mass and stable production of a variety of blocks by changing the different molds. This contains the production of bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, kerbstones etc. With humanized designed aviation plugs for connection and automatic control system, the machine is extremely easy to use for everybody Learn about our concrete block making machine.

Hawk provide precise dosing and mixing plant which gives accuracy recipe for concrete. Automatic dosing and mixing plant can also save labor cost. Learn about our Doing and mixing plant.

Selected by more than 95% customers, with success experiences for more than 1000 plants in more than 60 countries. Basic block making plant is the typical way to build a factory, with all standard parts. Learn about our Basic block making plants.

Hawk mobile plant is designed as a whole block making plant running on trailer, based on stationary plant, it has both advantages of mobile machine and stationary machine. Which requires less land, less labors, no foundation and can easily move to another site. Learn about our Mobile block making plants.

Hawk K series block machine is specially designed according to the european standard. Heavy-duty steel structure with antifatigue treatment; Imported Germany vibration motor; Full-customized Yuken hydraulic system; LS Master K series PLC control. All make K series unique and amazing. Learn about our K series fully automatic plants.

Standard products or tailor made? As you wish. Learn more about Hawk stone mould

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Daily Maintenance for block making production line 日常维护

*Clean daily
*Detail clean the internal surface of the mixer daily
*Cement scale à mixer (pipe), weekly
*Open gate (daily)

Block making machine:
*Clean all the remaining materials by manual mode
*Using hummer gun to clean the filling box daily
*Using hummer gun to clean the hopper weekly
*Clean all the dust daily
*Add grease oil into all bearings and movable parts monthly
*Check oil temp. and oil leakage daily
*Check sensor weekly
*Check the pump oil level every 6 months

Finger car, Cuber, Transporting device, Elevator/De-elevator:
* Clean all the dust daily
* Add grease oil into all bearings and movable parts monthly
*  Check oil temp. and oil leakage daily
* Check sensor weekly
* Check the pump oil level every 6 months